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Upgrade YAG Machine to Fiber Machine
Upgrade a YAG machine to Fiber Machine

Why do Raylas upgrade YAG machine to Fiber machine?

Firstly, YAG laser cutting machine was very popular due to the good cutting ability and low price. But since the using cost is high, it drops out from the market, and be replaced by fiber laser cutting machines. There are hundreds and thousands of YAG machines in the market which are stop running. Many end users want a good solution of that old machine.

Secondly, we found that most working bed and other parts of YAG machine are valuable. So we decide to update the YAG machine to the advanced fiber machines.

Thirdly, the total cost is much lower than buying a new machine.
Fourthly, the updating is successfully done for our clients.
We are looking for more machines.........

Cutting Speed of YAG VS Fiber:

Material  Thickness  Cutting Gas  Cutting speed YAG 620W 1000W Fiber 
Carbon Steel  1mm O2 30MM/S 250MM/S
Carbon Steel  2mm O2 18MM/S 110MM/s
Carbon Steel  3mm O2 8MM/S 60MM/S
Carbon Steel  4mm O2 6MM/S 35MM/S
Carbon Steel  5mm O2 5MM/S 25MM/S
Carbon Steel  6mm O2 3MM/S 20MM/S
Carbon Steel  8mm O2 2MM/S 14MM/S
Carbon Steel  10mm O2 × 12MM/S
Carbon Steel  12mm O2 × 10MM/S
Stainless Steel  1mm O2 40MM/S 280MM/S
Stainless Steel  2mm O2 20MM/S 120MM/S
Stainless Steel  3mm O2 12MM/s 80MM/S
Stainless Steel  4mm O2 8MM/s 50MM/S
Stainless Steel  5mm O2 6MM/s 40MM/S
Stainless Steel  6mm O2 4MM/s 25MM/S
Stainless Steel  1mm N2 20MM/S 220MM/S
Stainless Steel  2mm N2 12MM/S 100MM/S
Stainless Steel  3mm N2 × 50MM/S
Stainless Steel  4mm N2 × 20MM/S
Stainless Steel  5mm N2 × 8MM/S

Note: the × means can not cut, and all parameters just for reference.